TEH LEROY website initially started in geocities.ws in 02-08-18 and moved to neocities.org. Since 01-02-19, the website is now hosted under its own domain on InfinityFree and secured by CloudFlare.

Some technical notes:

  • This website was made with a 1280 x 800 screen resolution, but optimized to be compatible with possibly any resolution, even the mobile screen, although it is not perfect and it may have some issues.
  • This is made with Notepad++ and tested on Vivaldi, Chrome (mobile too) and Firefox browsers. Despite the retro aesthetics of the site, it was no really made to be supported with older browsers (as IE 9 or older), so obviously you can have many problems.
  • Most of the graphics and material within the site belong to me, however, some things such gifs, characters, song tracks or files belong to their respective authors and I do not claim ownership in them.
  • Due to the large amount of images or elements in some parts of my site, it is recommendable to have a good internet connection and avoid using cell phone datas

To do:

  • Make a better apple-touch-icon
  • Make the true facts page
  • Do the rest of the banners in some pages
  • Optimize better the mobile view
  • Do a redirect page in the Neocities website

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