The Fallen Hysterical King into Obsession: Response to Cammy

#8 / April 22th, 2019 / 19:15


-- It is incredible what great has come so far, and while this more believes that its greatness reflects its superiority to the "inferior" masses that he considers as unfortunate mentals, better is the ability to lack logistics and empathy towards its surroundings. And not only I mean mariteaux or Cammy, I'm talking about you also Cameron, being as it has been seen, the perfect American stereotype of the time, practically taking the negative side disguised with the false hope and kindness to the most critical point, happening to be one of the most beloved users to be one of the most hated in the span of a year... Maybe you're going to be the most hated of all, and any misfortune that happens to you will be your fault.

Maybe the first thing you'll do after this is block me and keep locked in your bubble, but the only thing you'll do again is to show everyone how cowardly you are, just like you did with my friends. And besides, I see that you really like to get attention even though you try to avoid doing it but you can not, because you love making the world burn, just as we love to make you burn, is not it fun Cameron? -- Now it's my turn for this game, which now you have forced me to do this, because I know you expected me for the next round, and I will not do the show that you usually expect from me, but I will mention everything that hurts you and its embarrassing to you to admit it, just like the chicken bitch you are, and I'll let everyone know this one more time.

You should know that in these last months you failed not only me, but everyone, you failed yourself, you played with the confidence of many people and you still wonder why things happen to you. The reason why so many people hate you is because you're a damn cunt who bullies, spread lies, and is a bit of a cock. If you acted like a normal person then we would have liked you, but you are keeping getting even worse. Even for these last events, you became a real son of a bitch, not an idiot, a son of a bitch and every misfortune that you complain you deserve it.

Promotion of Defamation

To be honest, you would not have bothered to spend 15 minutes of my life in your past stream, since most of the events already counted should already be known by most of the community, which I see that you are running out of excuses to attack OwlMan and Nekojiru; and you decided to give me a spoonful of the poison of truth, I, the person that in these last months the only thing will have done is sit down and watch your unfortunate evolution.

(And by the way, you are very bad at playing Pacman and Minecraft, now start to assume that you will never be an epic gamer in this life.)

"I don't know, just, a lot of [Neocities users] are really boring and they leave absolutely no impression whatsoever. Like another one, Leroy. It's funny because I used to make fun of him all the goddamn time, but, to be perfectly honest, he was more funny than anything."

And I'm still funny, but I realize that you are much funnier than any being in this sad world, because just as you have made fun of me or many people, now we make fun of you because every step you have made lately is gold, I suggest that instead of make writing or music (Or continue being a fucking idiot...), you should dedicate yourself to be a comedian or clown, it suits you better and maybe people take you more seriously.

"(Capy say: Leroy who cleaned his entire dick 2 hours ago) Why would you say that? I will still never quite understand-- Like, that's the thing, is that they were all funny--"

If you were on my server, you would have left much earlier with just knowing that I say the N-word very often (And yes, I still mention my dick)

"All right, so there was a time in Districts when Leroy... took screenshots of both my site, Cheren's site, and Neo's site, and overlaid them - literally stretched and distorted them and tried to make it look like they copied my site design?"

At what point did I say Cheren and Neo copied from your site? The only thing I've mentioned is that they had some disdainful similarities, but not that they were copied directly from you, now it would be different if I said that both sites have the same design, but if it were not for that screenshot, everyone would have understood and it would not have become a 10-minute subject to something for many months, for something that may have been stupid but you lose your head to find the meaning of something that you could never have. And I also mention that it was a private conversation, but knowing you and your ex-friends at that time would not be so private anymore... Well you may have noticed why I did not talk to Cheren anymore.

"And then, immediately after I fucking leave Neocities, my nostalgiaminer site - which I made for a laugh in a week because I wanted to just.. I don't know, I wanted to - he copied it! He literally fucking copied it, like, bit for bit."

I was already doing the current design when you were there, at that time I had redesigned the site for the fourth time, but also after that, I was planning to do another design in case I wanted at some point to go back to the original theme of my site, since I was beginning to think that the design was not very convincing and the more I improved it, the less it suited my style. At November beginnings I was already starting to do the design, obviously based on the current one at that time, I began to make new graphics and of course decoration with tables.

Around those next weeks, I knew about minerteaux, which I see that you also sent to hell all those ideals that you have defended these months, and that probably only you were followed by the same people that you, and you think that because the site had a similar aspect, I was going to change everything again and start from scratch even though it took a very long process?... Look, think what you want about websites, but the hard thing to do is not the content, but the design, so that you can spend up to days working on the design of each of the pages, as well as the selection of color palettes and the creation of new graphics. Maybe for you this last thing is not useful just because you only have a hand to write, but I am an artist and I need to give a good presentation, despite how old-fashioned my current design looks, I like it, the people like it and it is as secure as I can be about my site.

Now back to the beginning, obviously I can not blame you that both sites can have similarities, and more than both were inspired by the retro style of Geocities/Netscape/Whatever old crap from early internet, maybe you did not know and I did not know either, but if I do not understand is that you are keeping saying they are exactly the same, despite clearly having a different structure.

The source code is different, you use raw HTML, I use HTML5, the layout of your site (640px) is much smaller than mine (800px), the borders on your page are more separated from the tables, the background has another color, my site has an marquee bar above, the logo is on top, the sidebar of my site has some graphics, updates to my site are listed on the main page, my site has no quake maps or a playstation games collection or a link that carries to an IRC room.

Now, the most minimal thing I recommend you is to check the archives of the site previous designs and clean your fucking glasses or change it.

"Yeah, look at this. Look at these. Fucking look at them. They are exact. Look at the fucking footer! They are exact!"

Well ... Maybe the footer is the only thing that is very close, but only because someone suggested that I use that scheme because it fit very well, the least I could do is change the position of the crap inside, also it's not new that my site uses a footer to place obnoxious buttons or any shit and it is possible that there are more sites that may have this same design type, then do not complain why many modern websites share a pretty similar scheme.

"...But, I remember he just, was super insecure. It says his birthday on his about? I don't know, I don't want to dig too far into his site, because he's still obsessed with me. He's still got me quoted, look at him."

If you knew that the only things of you I have on my site is that quote and the three drawings that make explicit reference.

"Here's what happened, right: So I go into my e-mail, which is now dead, by the way. Um.. Oh, and I gotta talk about this page, too! Okay, there's just so much to talk about this kid, he's so great. Anyway, in my e-mail I just randomly get this fucking awful dumb meme from, I think it was minerobber. And it says 'Leroy sends his regards'. And I'm like, are you guys seriously not over me yet? Like, it was literally two or three months later, and they were sending me dumb memes, still trying to get my attention, still trying to get Capy's attention. It's like, fuck off already, jesus christ. It's so.. obsequious! It's just like, go away!"

Minerobber idea, not mine, I had sent that meme to the server and he suggested the idea if he could send it, I said "Do what you want, I don't care", and then he namedrop me in the mail like "ok fuck you", despite looking like a simple harmless joke, but I still mention it again: I did not tell directly to send this mail.

"But, yeah, I called him a 'rogue one-balled Mexican'. I think that was another meme, but, yeah."

To you anything is a meme, but when it has something to do with you there you cry, just like you are fucking boring when "you shit on other people" and nobody laughs...

"So he was born in the 'Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela', that means he's going to starve. Have fun. Have fucking fun with that."

Do you understand now why people hate you? Do you understand why nobody wants to be your friend? -- I see very well that you do not need them because if you are keep locked in your bubble being a racist, transfobic and also xenophobic you feel better, and then you call me insecure.

"And, yeah, he links to my somnolescent site too! He actually links to it - like, thanks for the free advertising, asshole."

You're welcome, son of a bitch.

"He's older than me? How is Leroy older than me? This fucking dude."

It's only months apart, what did you expect? That I was a 14-year-old Neocities kid? As well as you think that everyone around you is like that.

"And this, by the way, right here, this text - which I'm going to read out loud because it's the funniest thing ever - Leroy was apparently looking for, like, what was it, metal text or something to put on his site? And OwlMan, being the total fucking illiterate that he is - he calls me pretentious? Get a load of this word salad! (reads the page above the Dedede image)"

Wait, how did you know OwlMan wrote it? And how did you know that I was searching for my site not a text, but a metal text? And then you call me an obsessive and insecure, when it also occurred to you to enter my server not using your normal account but an alt account or you asked someone to do it just to spy on us. You fucking piss coward!

"This man thinks he can write? This man thinks this is anything but, just, gibberish? And the thing is, he was making fun of me for [the Somnolescent manifesto], and it was kind of a pretentious thing that was meant as a group thing, and it was fun. Meanwhile, they call that pretentious but then you've got this. And it's like, that's fucking sad. That's beyond sad!"

Not even the text had to consider it a pretentious thing, meanwhile you manifest it is, and even you admit it.

"And Leroy's English is no better, by the way"

When I said that my English was perfect?

"Because he's Venezuelan"

It has nothing to do your pathetic excuse of me being from another country with language, for example, there will already be people in the world who have a much better English than what you speak.

"And, of course, you've got a guestbook. Because of course you do. It's Neocities - who needs creativity?"

What a trauma you have with Neocities and their websites, just let them express themselves, just as you had the freedom to dox people and shit on them.

"But, yeah, he basically copied my entire site design after sitting on his ass bitching about how people copied my site design, because they used grid? Apparently using grid means you're copying mariteaux."

I never said the last thing.

"I don't understand that. Yeah, the thing I don't understand about Leroy in the slightest is he's, just, like.. He was so massively insecure!"


"Like, the thing is, if I don't like your site, my opinion means goddamn nothing. And that's what they don't understand! And that's why I don't get it, because I'm thinking, I'm just some fucking dude!"

Maybe because you used to make fun of people and sites you thought ridiculous or did not like, and then make fun of their lives.

"Yeah, Leroy getting English help from OwlMan is just beautiful."

I know, it was just beautiful when he helped me correct the mistakes and typos on this essay :) Thanks Owly.

"(sup mama) Don't call me mama. But, it was just so - it was the funniest thing ever!..."

Ok mama.

"For whatever reason, they just couldn't care about making their own fucking site. They can't just tell some random guy on the internet, dude, go fuck yourself, I'm going to make the site I want to make."

And then you accuse me of "having copied your site".

"So instead, they got really upset with me and they're still obsessed, months later, and I do not understand it! Go away! Go away!"

We only make fun of you because of your magnificent reactions :)

"And that's my favorite part, I forgot - he fucking copied my fucking Notepad++ button! And I'll prove it. I'll goddamn prove it. Because that was a button that I had made for my original fucking site, and he copied it. This was my original button. And then look at it down there. All he did was change the color! He didn't even change around the text, he didn't even change around the gecko. All he did was make it gray. And that's his button"

And this is my favorite part too, other than you always do tantrums for any topic related to buttons. So, you mean this one here, right?


However, let me tell you that from what I remember, I could have taken the button from somewhere, in some website... Except in yours. Now, how could I know that you made that button? I put the buttons I always make in my gallery, while I do not put them the ones I get in other sites, despite making minimal modifications. If you realize, I did not do the Nekoscape and Coca-Cola button, but I put them in my site because I liked them, and the notepad button which you now claim it yours, the only thing I did was change the color, but I never said that I did the button or I am the original owner of your design.

Now, it is different for someone to know the owner of a button and still take his design, as the case of the district buttons, I had previously done (although Capy already had the idea) some buttons for the Districts website and I published them on the old server, but Neo took my initial design and although the buttons were a concept, I still had ownership over them and what he did was redesign and take them as his own, without any kind of credits to me for the initial concept.

You cry because I only recoloured a button, I did not cry because some bitch modified eight buttons of mine.

"He had a big problem with everybody else copying me, but he copied me all the time! It's like, after I do something, it's okay to do it, but before then, it's just like-- He's just so insecure, dude. Like, sooo fucking insecure!"

Insecureeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm so fucking insecureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :'( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"And because I don't have it on my site now, it's like, okay, I guess it's yours? If that really makes you happy, dude, you can go ahead and take that fucking button"

Ok thanks.

but, like.. I'mma be real with ya chief, it's kinda sad! It's kinda sad the way that you're still obsessed. And, again, copying me!

For God's sake, enough!!

"All these fucking people quoting me on their sites."

Remember that before you leave NC in December, in your old website you were quoting people in an Javascript header, you put me 5 phrases of mine (And I find it odd that Owlman and Nekojiru have only one).

"I'm not even going to show you the fucking Cammy he drew. For whatever reason, I've actually gotten hate art! ...People were actually fucking sending me hate art. Like, people brutalizing my fucking 'sona. And it's like, on what planet are you anything but sad? I'm well past you, and here you are, drawing this-- It's not even mari! It's not even my Flareon being brutalized, it's Cammy, my cute fucking badger! Like, on what planet does this make you look anything but pathetic? And I just don't understand it, like, they're all so obsessed."

Tbh it was funny to draw, even if it was a bit immoral on my part, but I know you've done a lot of more inmoral things before and now ;)

Now, I did not know at that time that you were still using flareon, and I also thought it would be predictable and since I like to make surprises, I decided to use your fursona (And I draw one for me). Sorry mate, it's possible that you would have done the same thing before, but I hope you like my masterpieces, people love it.

If it's any consolation to you, it would be the only drawing I do of this type now, but you can not deny that it's gold.

And the thing is, they think they're cool. They think they're getting one on me. They think they're clowning some lolcow. But they are the lolcow. They are the ones who are still obsessed with somebody who made fun of their site the one time. It's just like, for real dude?

You have done more than that, you insulted people, you played with the feelings of others, you even got to dox people, and I have to say it again: You make fun and hate to anyone who is not white, American and straight like you. If they do not have the same tastes as you, you send them to fucking hell

Do you really have nothing better going on in your life? That's the thing - they all stick together and hate me because they have nothing else. None of them have anything going on in their life! And that's the saddest part... Like, I have actual real-world concerns, and they're still sitting on Discord, bothered about me."

In fact we really have things to do in real life, I mean, I could have published this earlier, but I had some problems, and I did not dedicated 24 hours a day to write this.

Mariteaux is still right

Oh yeah, I remember when you made that big ass list of crap which you are right (Maybe one of the most pretentious stuff you've done), however I will mention many more things that your person can not be proud of admitting, but its still right.


Besides being pathetic, you have become a monster. And if you think about fixing things, even if you have said several times that you want to leave that person and want to change as a person, in the same way the damage is already done. I think that at this point we made you crazy, angry and sad, I think it is something that many of us have also felt before, you understand how we all felt.

I guess some of my friends have told you crazy things, however I will be honest, I could forget you, but I see that there are things that you can not leave them, you were a great coward all this time, you got in bad with some and maybe you will have hurt them without knowing it, although you think they are simple jokes.

Before I considered forgiving you despite all the shit in the past, and not just me, even everyone (Remember the evergreen thing) -- But seeing the recent events, I think you are a too nonnegotiable and closed-minded being and there is no more case to handle this.

I think after this you'll block me, but I'll tell you something: Live it with that, maybe you would find peace, but the only thing you would do is add another grain of sand to the infinite hourglass of guilt, you lost it all even if you think you won and you lost too many chances to be a better person.

Good luck, Cameron.

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