Hard weeks

#7 / November 15th, 2018 / 21:43

Today I successfully have closed the series of frequent updates to my site since its reopening, considering that my site is now perfect, so I have reach its design limit, now the next thing I will do is go back to the videos and editions, which now I feel very peaceful to start again with it, of course if the study time I have allows me to retain my ideas, and that is something I wanted to start talking about too.

Four weeks ago I started the new semester in the university. I didn't know if it could be slightly as always because most of the subjects I could only see them in the night and a few in the morning, that left me thinking a lot because I was never in the university at night and I did not know how I could stand it, at the beginning it was hard because every day I have classes both in the mornings and nights, although now I get used to the routine, however It gets too tired even though my university is a few meters from my house. Then it was suddenly that I started with the first exams and both last week and this I have been too accumulated homeworks and exams that the only thing that gave me time was to slowly update my site.

Being honest I wasn't very well in these last days, and I had to be too independent in terms of student survival, my friends are no longer here to accompany me every morning, what we were in the first semester a six friends group, only I am left, it's very sad but it could also be fair, because I'm the only one who has not given up yet despite the complications in many subjects I've seen, but anyway now that I have finished with the small site updates and I have left for now most of the things I had pending in my studies, the only thing that remains is to try to continue with my usual content, continue in what for that I created my site and spread my joy to all the masses, whether they like it or not.

By the way recently I come home after a long day in the university after I spend the entire day there, now I feel very tired... While I were road to home, this song plays on the radio and puts me in a good mood...

David Bowie - Let's Dance (1983)

If the track doesn't load, listen it on YouTube

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