#6 / October 29th, 2018 / 16:21

After five years on the east coast, it was time to go home....

Starting with another post after one month of not updating the blog, I apologize to worry you all, because I waited for the things to be alright. Beforely, I screwed up on an old post that I published without knowing that it was very personal and some idiot make chaotic fun on it and did not want that to hurt the image of my site, however in this small break, I was reflecting about that time and also thought about how I could improve my site, so recently I did a small redesign and everything is even more orderly than before.

However, this time I totally broke with the original aesthetics of the site, and as you know, there is almost nothing that reminds the Nostalgiamining thing, a definition courtesy of Mr. mariteaux (thanks for the free publicity, faggot good respectable person). Summarizing its term, are those modern sites that try to imitate the aesthetics and design of the sites of the 90s, me in the case, many of those things I love it and initially inspired me for my site design, but well, previously I had to get rid of many things related to it, for something this is called Neocities, right? Although in my site some nostalgia things still survive, in that case is the marquee, that I do not know what else I could put it but it is a nice detail, the small animated gifs that accompany in some parts of the site, the visitors counter (very useful btw) and the classic 88x31 buttons, all combined with the new style of the site, which I don't know how I would call it...

Talking deeper about the site, I do not want it to be too personal, but I want it to have more content, as some know I am an artist and I do editions and designs, most of them are vaporwave and although my gallery is not very big now, in fact I had already done many, only this time I just wanted to put the most prominent and appropriate to upload them to the site, although lately I have not done much because I was very busy with the development of the site and also think about how I should improve my art. My old audience will also remember that I have made videos on YouTube since 2014, this year I have not uploaded anything for many things that I have gone through, but possibly when I'll be satisfied with the current result of the site, possibly I can return, just that this time there will be fewer memes.

Another thing I wanted to comment about the site, is that from now on, the site will be adapted for mobile with 1024x768 resolution, I wanted a way to make my site compatible with other devices, and despite the fact that in my cellphone looks very good, I have no idea how it would look in other phones, possibly in some more than others the site may have failures in its structure, and I am not very expert in websites to easily fix a problem like that, but if that happens to you, try contact me or if you prefer, use the desktop version, the same works. Already ending this, now that my site is finished, it will be easier to update and upload more content, although it has been a week since I started the new semester in university, I will do the possible to increase its content.


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