Baby update me one more time!

#5 / September 21th, 2018 / 21:17

If you have noticed now, I have completely changed the design and structure of the entire site, ceasing to be a rainbow vomit like Punchy website and now It seems like an alternative blog site about anti-mainstream things, of course I had to work hard to at least maintain a bit of my style. Well, at the beginning the idea of ​​my site was to make a tribute, a love letter, a virtual work inspired by the web design of the 90s/early 2000s combined with my vaporwave style, but nobody likes that idea even though both things have so much in common, there were people who started throwing crap out of my site and I felt very sad about that, for a project which I have been planning for several months and many of my ideas went to the trash.

The rest of the content is still there, I've already put the blog, my dream journal, and other pages, about my artwork, you know, all my vaporwave editions. I will be thinking about how I can order them or what type of content to place, if I already change the aesthetics of my site I should just show what people do not get their eyes hurt, so from now on that will be the hardest thing to plan on my site and the rest of my things too.

I just hope it's the last time I can change my site for something like that, I just wanted to make a space where I feel comfortable and people feel comfortable too, if it were not for the second I would already make my site privately, I wanted to share my tastes and work with everyone in a healthy way.

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