#4 / September 5th, 2018 / 09:46

I do not even know how to start now, but I know that since I last published on the blog until now, I owe two posts, so I will explain as brief as possible about all the episodes since then.

The first thing I wanted to talk about was the blackouts, that's right, when they cut off the electricity and that's why the development of the site delayed me a lot, that's the principal reason and I wanted to talk about it last because I thought about extending the topic, since in that then the electricity went away for more than 4 hours a day and I wanted to update the site a week before. After I had updated it, in the following days, I wanted to add more content, but unfortunately an electric station was exploded and they start to cut the electricity for more than 12 hours and that's why I did not put anything until 8 days ago, which was there when i change the design of the site again, and in that we embark on the second thing I want to mention: the design of the site, which as I said I had changed despite the short time that the other design had.

Maybe some remember (I mean, nobody.) that at the beginning my entire site used pure HTML and obsolete codes for modern browsers, it is assumed that since it was hosted on, I wanted to make a old-like site, so I asked for it to be used internet explorer to make it look better, but now as the site is in Neocities, and I realize that most of users here don't do those things, it was best to upgrade the source code of the site by adding CSS things (tbh, to learn it was easier than I thought) for have the best experience in all possible browsers, plus that is much more orderly, saving many lines of code and it is easier to customize it, of course I think I broke the initial aesthetics of the site but I did everything possible to keep it something nostalgic.

I will continue to develop in the rest of the site, although many do not like the design (or my site in general), but that can be done, I've been with my site for 6 months and all the aesthetics of my site is focused on the 90s aesthetic thing, and well, it's okay that you guys do not like them, but it's not necessary for you to say rude comments about them or my site, it's just my own space in this world wide web. For now I say goodbye.

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