I'm back!!

#3 / August 13th, 2018 / 21:16

After almost 4 months, the time has come for it to update the site, now with a new design that reminds much more of those old-school sites and this time I added all the sections of the site (minus the music section). Due to personal and university reasons, I left the site for a moment, there is also the fact that I was thinking all the time about the new design, because I wanted to put large margins and make it more compact. The only thing I did not add was the background music, why? Maybe you remember that before the site played music in midi format, which only works in Internet Explorer. Well, I just moved from the main browser, because before I used Firefox and consumed too much RAM, which forced me to use Opera, and since Opera sometimes also has its failures although I had no choice, for example, when I enter the site , instead of "Don't play the music" like the other modern browsers, the browser download it and I have the download folder full of "XXXX.mid, XXXX.mid (1), etc.".

You wonder why I do not use IE as the main browser, the answer is in compatibility and comfort, although this browser is the most nostalgic thing I can have now, the site is too different in both browsers, Opera is more ordered, in IE the site literally has many spaces between lines and is broken, which is a shame because it ruins the nostalgic experience offered by the site, and I am not an expert in creating web pages by the way, I could use CSS as all but I see it difficult now and I have to settle for the dirty HTML. To conclude, if you want to enjoy the experience of the site, I rather recommend modern browsers, and if you can, place themes that mimic the Windows 98/2000 interface, so it is more radical.

I'll be updating the site when I can, of course I'll leave it like this and then update again later, I could only invest my time now on this site and nothing more, I have not played TF2 or almost checked the social networks, another reason for that will explain it later in another post after this, but for now I say goodbye.


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