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Here I will post anything I want to comment and share about my site and sometimes aspects of my life, I will be updating it regularly.
My English is not perfect and I can make some mistakes, it is possible that you can notice some misspellings, please contact me if you see any.

#8 - The Fallen Hysterical King into Obsession: Response to Cammy

I respond to the complaints (and tantrums) of an old friend. Dated 04/22/19

#7 - Hard weeks

Change of schedules take my time. Dated 11/15/18.

#6 - Reset

Summing up about problems I had about certain old content of mine, as well as talking about the future of the site. Dated 10/29/18.

#5 - Baby update me one more time!

Pressed by the public, I made many changes. Dated 09/21/18.

#4 - Recapitulation

A series of events that makes it difficult for me to develop my site. Dated 09/05/18.

#3 - I'm back!!

After being absent for several months, I return to my lair. Dated 08/13/18.

#2 - Look what I brought today!

The story of how a guy gets excited by the nostalgia of a fricking cereal. Dated 04/12/18.

#1 - First entry for the blog

The beginning of this words dump. Dated 04/07/18.

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