I Got Sum Funky Buttons

Here a collection in progress of web banners (Buttons, blinkies, etc.) made by me.

They are free to use them on their sites!


Related to my site or any of my projects.

tehleroy1 tehleroy2 tehleroy3 moresiteshere moresiteshere_old


Related to music, television, videogames, books, etc.

nswitch creeper LOONA

Technology / Web:

Related to computers, browsers, OS, programs, websites, Neocities etc.

win98 vivaldi steam ncblack arcadia siliconvalley hollywood tokyo arles stratford oxford silverlake petsburg purgatory np++1 np++2



pinkerton drmario drligma drsugma despacito desp-anim no-cat-pr0n snitch-bot openeyes fspeech