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The bad man himself...

❝I'll be right back in a few moments, thanks for the laughs ladies and gentlemen. Piss and Love.❞
- TEH LEROY, 2019

Randy "Leroy" Asui, also known as TEH LEROY, is an amateur graphic artist, systems engineering student, and an internet user since 2003. Born October 19th 1998 in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, he is described as "cool person", but a "bit of a cunt".

He has a fondness for video games, and fascinates with titles like Hotline Miami, Half-Life, Grand Theft Auto, Counter-Strike, Minecraft, Earthbound, and Animal Crossing. Also, he's very passionate about everything from Vaporwave, as well as the 90s/early 2000s internet aesthetic, and culture.

As an artist, he has spend more than 7 years of experience in the management of Adobe Photoshop, which has made numerous editions, and designs over time, most present aesthetic themes, which is one of his main inspirations, and still has much to learn about it.

In his spare time, they spend it on the computer, doing Vaporwave editions or videos for his YouTube channel, as well as managing his Discord server.

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