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❝Good to see the rogue one-ball Mexican is still obsessed with me though, after three fucking months.❞
- Mariteaux, 2019

Far out in the power cage, far out from the sad eyes, one man has fallen to his sinful ways, but us few, us few men of near-god-like grace, we has assented to the true power of man. We are no mortal men. We are gods. Gods with the power to not only bring life, but take it. Our epic power is like non-other on this planet, nor has such power can be compared.

The mite of millions of men is no match for our power, and glory. The cowards of Anglo blood shell meet our mite, they will meet the true power of the Saxon Men. The land of dirt shell be reaped from the most-vile hand of Anglo blood.

Fight them with our mite, fight the good fight, show them our true metal. No mercy given, victory for the chosen people. Let us not cease from Mental Fight, but let us drink the blood of the cowards, for the the chosen people!

King Dedede

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What's New?

new04-22-19: New blog entry.

03-23-19: Favicon is fixed, as well other stuff

03-21-19: After three months of moving the NC site content and making some new, tehleroy.cf website is live now, with new brand stuff and an diverse library of art and information.

12-19-18: New site design.

11-15-18: Finished fixing all the messy source code, new blog entry.

11-12-18: Many spelling and grammar errors were corrected, as well several aesthetic improvements were added to the site.

11-06-18: More messy code fix, added Misc page and Dream Journal was moved to itself, site map added too.

10-29-18: All the messy source code was fixed, got ridin' of most of the defective HTML tags, also the site is finally compatible with mobile interfaces, new blog entry.

10-26-18: The site design is completely renovated based on the aesthetic of the previous one, with all the pages complete, also the site uses flex to be mobile-friendly not really.

09-21-18: Re-added Blog, About Me, Dreams and Links, new blog entry.

09-17-18: All the site design, layout and aesthetic changed, now more bigger and inspired in early 2000s websites, almost all pages still not done, added random quotes generator script in the header that changes everytime the page refresh, index page has not changed much.

09-11-18: Re-added Art, Art now have two subpages (Editions and Buttons).

09-10-18: Date format in updates log changed to match to the US one (MM/DD/YY).

09-09-18: Index design and main image changed, site button "gradient transition" fixed (if anyone has it in the site, please update it now).

09-05-18: Re-added Blog, re-added Dreams (inside Blog page), some parts of the site redesigns to be more weak-eyes friendly, autoplay music removed, new blog entry.

08-29-18: The header and footer now work with frames.

08-08-18: Updated layout and design to be more compatible with modern browsers, keeping the 90s aesthetic, added CSS lines in the code, added a Welcome page, background music now works with Youtube, other pages are still in construction.

08-26-18: Changed Not Found page design.

08-15-18: Added Dreams page.

08-13-18: The site has a new compact layout, added Art, Videos, and Photos pages, background midi removed due to browser compatibility, new blog entry.

04-12-18: New blog entry.

04-07-18: New blog entry.

04-04-18: Site code moved to Neocities.org, added Blog and Links page, added Guestbook button.

02-21-18: Index design changed, added About Me page, added Background music (midi).

02-08-18: The site is created and hosted on Geocities.ws.

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